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Nantucket Fall

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Once again I find myself spoiled rotten by the beautiful scenery of Nantucket. It might be because the weather is perfect, a bluebird sky day, or that I’m up here solo and had the first uninterrupted night’s sleep with the bed chair pillow in a long time. Nevertheless, I am so happy to have enjoyed a gorgeous morning walk through Tupancy Links, Nantucket’s first-ever golf course, and now a beloved dog walk area, followed by the hilly pond route at Sanford Farm. It never ceases to amaze me how spectacularly scenic Nantucket truly is and how its topography can conjure up comparisons to places so far from this tiny New England island 22 miles out to sea. There are parts of it that resemble African plains (I kid you, not) while other landscapes could easily be mistaken for Northern England.  I find Fall to be a particularly alluring time out here on the Rock, and not only because it’s often less congested than the summer (though not this weekend with The Nantucket Project and 10 weddings!) but also, because the colors of the land seem that much richer, the sky that much more brilliant and the days that much more nourishing. I encourage you all to consider a Fall weekend up on Nantucket for some delightful R&R and soul-enriching natural vistas.

*And look no further on where to stay than my review on the latest boutique hotel to hit the scene up here: 76 Main in FOF Favorites.



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A Sunny Sorrento Surprise

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116081This June my mother, young son and I all traveled to Italy. It was an adventure, to say the least, during which we indulged in some robust Hideaway Hunting. Our hunt took us up and down the boot, from Sorrento to Umbria and even over to Capri, each of which yielded some memorable Italian gems that I was happy to add to my list. One of my new favorites is La Minervetta in Sorrento. A remarkably charming boutique property nestled into the cliffside of Sorrento, La Minervetta is a spot you don’t easily forget. It’s simply that good. My young son was particularly taken with this spot as well. It didn’t hurt that our room was filled with model boats ideal for him to tinker with and line up along the sparkling picture windows.

116101As you can see, the hotel’s cheerful decor hardly lacks for color and the result is a wonderful lightness felt amongst the guests. We chatted with almost every other guest, likely due to the sunny weather and small pool area, but also because the spots welcoming design simply encourages friendliness. Furthermore, the to buy semenax breakfast buffet, pictured at top, was truly one of the best, particularly as this is a small hotel. The two women chefs in the kitchen were not only supremely talented, but so warm and friendly. I chatted with them easily and happily, of course this also gave me ample time to graze so as not to stockpile my plate like a typical American. Everything though, and truly everything, was delicious and homemade and oh so fresh. It was one of those times where everything just came together so beautifully and the essence of European travel, particularly Italian, reached its pinnacle: gorgeous scenery, excellent fresh food and a warm and inviting setting. I can assure you, I will go back.


Sure, it helps that the sparkling view of the Sea and the Italian coastline is mesmerizing in its own right, but with a colorscape so fun and flirty inside too, it makes the whole stay feel just as it should – like a giddy holiday. And do let me know if you’re interested in going yourself, I’ve got a few room favorites that are absolutely stunning.



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Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island

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Spending four days at this idyllic resort was no tough feat. Sometimes, okay, oftentimes, my job is indeed incredibly fantastic. I had heard the praise of Harbour Island for years, not to mention its party-playground reputation (golf carts are the mode of transportation on this 3-mile spit of sand) for years. However, it was the talk of the most beautiful stretch of pink sand that had me most excited for my impending visit.

As a guest at the illustrious Pink Sands Hotel, I was treated not only to smiling service, but also the most gorgeous and hassle-free gateway to that remarkable pink beach. My guest room; Glass Window, was absolutely stunning. If you also want an elegant glass window for your house, look for valley glass website for they offer several home window boise id glass.It had its own private sandy path down to the beach, which afforded me unencumbered access to truly, one of the most spectacular bits of sand I’ve ever come across. From paddle-boarding to jogging (the beach is a veritable track for walkers and joggers in the morning) to evening strolls, one could not ask for a more beautiful beach to enjoy whale watching long beach to. My only regret was coming alone.


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