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August 16, 2009


The Opera House Cup is hands down one of my favorite events of the entire year. Due to the generosity of my best mate, Hayden Curtin Sundin and her father, Jack Curtin,  I have been a lucky sailor on the lauded two-time America’s Cup winner, the 12-meter yacht, INTREPID for the past five years. I must say I love my position (I break the back stays during tacks and jibes. It’s crucial, I swear) because it keeps me in the back of the boat with the captain enjoying a bird’s eye view of the boat (the sweaty grinders  working way harder than me) and all the action on the water.

Our Battleship

The Mothership

Last Sunday our crew of fifteen had a gorgeous day of sailing with a consistent mid-range breeze and nice long course that beat back past Nantucket’s famed Great Point. After a not so stellar start we caught boat after boat, finishing second in our fleet. Not only was it one of the best days of the summer it was a privilege to be on a boat with such talented sailors most of all, Captain Mike Patterson.  Can’t wait for next year! Thanks Hayden, Jack and Mike!

Please excuse the lame sign...too much sun and wind can affect anyone

Please forgive the lame hand sign...too much sun and wind can affect anyone

Artistic shot courtesy of Reps Sundin

Artistic shot courtesy of Reps Sundin

The light blue deck is signature of the boat and despite its non-slip base can prove tricky for any sailor with the absence of life lines.

The light blue deck is signature of the boat. The guy driving is none other than Mike Patterson

The Motley Crew coming in after the Race

The Motley Crew coming in after the Race

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