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NYC to Hong Kong

Pretty comfy in the Pod

Pretty comfy in the Pod

So, flying to Asia is no joke. The flight is super long, but luckily I was spoiled in Cathay Pacific’s Business class “Pod” seats, which consist of flat beds, large TV screens with tons of entertainment options (from House to Gossip Girl to Mad Men to Hollywood Classics) and comfy white duvets.  Flying to Asia is especially strange because you lose a whole day. It’s nothing short of disconcerting to check in on your blackberry upon arrival only to realize you just lost an entire day. Then again, if the day is spent lost in Cathay’s business class where the food was good, the service was top notch and the little toiletry bags a stylish Agnes B design with ‘wrinkle-be-gone’ cream from Murad, then it’s a day I’m willing to sacrifice.

My trip to Asia is a solid three weeks-long and has me traveling from Honk Kong to  Shanghai, to inner cities in China that I can’t yet spell, so I’ll wait til I’m there to properly share. And then I’m off to Thailand to see Bangkok, where I’m super excited to see the pretty boys dance! And last, to Cebu in the Philippines, which I also just learned how to spell correctly and is a favorite among divers, plus is the location of that amazing prison flash dance. (You’re welcome)

Stay tuned for more!

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