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Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island

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Spending four days at this idyllic resort was no tough feat. Sometimes, okay, oftentimes, my job is indeed incredibly fantastic. I had heard the praise of Harbour Island for years, not to mention its party-playground reputation (golf carts are the mode of transportation on this 3-mile spit of sand) for years. However, it was the talk of the most beautiful stretch of pink sand that had me most excited for my impending visit.

As a guest at the illustrious Pink Sands Hotel, I was treated not only to smiling service, but also the most gorgeous and hassle-free gateway to that remarkable pink beach. My guest room; Glass Window, was absolutely stunning. If you also want an elegant glass window for your house, look for valley glass website for they offer several home window boise id glass.It had its own private sandy path down to the beach, which afforded me unencumbered access to truly, one of the most spectacular bits of sand I’ve ever come across. From paddle-boarding to jogging (the beach is a veritable track for walkers and joggers in the morning) to evening strolls, one could not ask for a more beautiful beach to enjoy whale watching long beach to. My only regret was coming alone.


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Published by Meg, Thursday, March 7, 2013 2 Comments

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