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A Sunny Sorrento Surprise

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116081This June my mother, young son and I all traveled to Italy. It was an adventure, to say the least, during which we indulged in some robust Hideaway Hunting. Our hunt took us up and down the boot, from Sorrento to Umbria and even over to Capri, each of which yielded some memorable Italian gems that I was happy to add to my list. One of my new favorites is La Minervetta in Sorrento. A remarkably charming boutique property nestled into the cliffside of Sorrento, La Minervetta is a spot you don’t easily forget. It’s simply that good. My young son was particularly taken with this spot as well. It didn’t hurt that our room was filled with model boats ideal for him to tinker with and line up along the sparkling picture windows.

116101As you can see, the hotel’s cheerful decor hardly lacks for color and the result is a wonderful lightness felt amongst the guests. We chatted with almost every other guest, likely due to the sunny weather and small pool area, but also because the spots welcoming design simply encourages friendliness. Furthermore, the to buy semenax breakfast buffet, pictured at top, was truly one of the best, particularly as this is a small hotel. The two women chefs in the kitchen were not only supremely talented, but so warm and friendly. I chatted with them easily and happily, of course this also gave me ample time to graze so as not to stockpile my plate like a typical American. Everything though, and truly everything, was delicious and homemade and oh so fresh. It was one of those times where everything just came together so beautifully and the essence of European travel, particularly Italian, reached its pinnacle: gorgeous scenery, excellent fresh food and a warm and inviting setting. I can assure you, I will go back.


Sure, it helps that the sparkling view of the Sea and the Italian coastline is mesmerizing in its own right, but with a colorscape so fun and flirty inside too, it makes the whole stay feel just as it should – like a giddy holiday. And do let me know if you’re interested in going yourself, I’ve got a few room favorites that are absolutely stunning.



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Caribbean Hideaways – Book Signing

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Thursday, December 2nd

Rizzoli Book Store, New York

I felt very blessed to have so many friends, family and colleagues show up at the signing last Thursday night. We sold over 40 books (for $50 a pop that’s great!) and were told it was one of the bookstore’s most successful events of late!  Thank you to Everyone who came out!

A tabletop filled with Caribbean Hideaways

A tabletop filled with Caribbean Hideaways


Pictured above is the very talented, JESSICA ANTOLA, who shot the book and accompanied me throughout the Caribbean
Some of my most loyal fans

Some of my most loyal fans

Please refer to the left hand column for future book signings. (There’s one this weekend in NYC!) And if you, yourself are a bookseller, please let me know as I’d be happy to do an event.

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Caribbean Hideaways Preview



In a not-so-veiled effort to publicize (and encourage you to go out and get a copy) my latest book, Caribbean Hideaways, I’ve created a sneak preview of some of the interior pages below. It’s like what they offer on Amazon, only homemade.

Layout 1

Some of what lies beneath the glossy cover….


This is a spectacular spot in Tortola with truly unparalleled views of the exotic topography of the Virgin Islands

A beautiful, stately villa on the west coast of Barbados

A beautiful, stately villa on the west coast of Barbados

Rare refinement nestled in the jungles of the Dominican Republic

Rare refinement nestled in the jungles of the Dominican Republic


English influence abounds in the islands

And if the above didn’t cause you to switch screens and begin booking your winter vacation immediately, please read below to see what one kind reviewer on Amazon had to say about Electronic Cigarette the book:

And if the following tease doesn’t get your mouth watering, then consider someone else’s opinion and skip ahead to see what one kind reviewer on Amazon had to say about the book:5.0 out of 5 stars The next best thing to being in the Caribbean! Beautiful, October 28, 2010
This review is from: Caribbean Hideaways: Discovering Enchanting Rooms and Private Villas (Hardcover)

What a gorgeous book that makes you want to run for the next flight to the Caribbean. In a digital age, it’s a luxury to leaf through a hefty, full color book and savor each beautiful essay and photograph. A clever travel agent should offer a package that takes readers on a Caribbean Hideaway tour to each of these places.

**I swear, I have no idea who this person is, but she/he is totally invited to dinner!**

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