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Resolutions for 2017

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Happy New Year!

Having combed the travel mags and their lists of “where to travel to in 2017”, I’ve made my own travel goals and for the first time, they’re not rooted in destination, one of the things I want to do is going fishing, I found this site about it Sure, I still really want to get to Japan this year, as well as Ankor Wat in Cambodia and Australia’s Gold Coast, but I also really want to acquire skills. Yes, skills. I want to improve, clearly and I want to grow and though travel provides the ideal backdrop to both those endeavors, I want to make more of a concerted effort this year to be more mindful about why, where and what I’m seeking to learn and improve.


Surfing in India


Perhaps this ambition is coming from my recent wine studies (WSET Advanced), but I’m thirsty not just for traveling to new places, but for specific experiences in such places that will teach me something new, something everlasting and moreover, something I can continue to pursue far after I’ve returned home.

So, whether its physical (surfing) or academic (winemaking), I’m eager to expand these interests and skills and allow travel to be the linchpin that promotes and enhances them. Cheers to 2017!


Portugal’s Duoro Valley


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Just back from: Blackberry Farm

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Yes! I finally made it. I have been wanting to go visit Blackberry Farm ever since I wrote about it for Town & Country Weddings eight years ago. I can recall working with the press team and the front office of the property as we coordinated the story and wanting to travel through the telephone lines to that bucolic, country farm hamlet in Tennessee. Never mind I’d never been to Tennessee before. They had me with rustic beams, fresh fruit spreads and a wine cellar that has over 170,000 bottles. So, when I was invited by Relais and Chateaux this fall, I leapt at the chance, even taking a 6am flight to ensure I had as much time as possible on property.

Set in 4200 acres of mountainous, rolling green landscape, the farm is long on views and thick on iconic scenery such as the photo above of the covered bridge. The river beneath the bridge is Orvis Fly-fishing approved and the path on the other side leads to hiking trails that are filled with wildlife and even more views. There’s even a skytop yoga platform.


The rooms are spread among various types of lodging – hotel rooms, shared cabins, stand alone cottages and multi-bedroom houses. The decor among them is consistently soft, neutral and cosseting. The intention is clearly one of respose and it was one of the bigger struggles of my week to climb out of that bed the next morning.


At BF, the food and wine service is taken very seriously. The term “Foothills cuisine” was created by owner, Sam Beall, who sadly recently passed away, but his legacy lives on at the farm with a sincere devotion to a superior culinary scene. The dishes are thoughtful and sourced directly from the onsite organic garden while the wine cellar and whiskey room are a treasure chest for the oenophile and spirits enthusiast.


The spa, known as the WellHouse, is yet another display of rustic refinement and a verified bastion of repose. There are two relaxation rooms, ideal for soaking in the effects of the treatment. The one below features swinging daybeds that can be raised up into the ceiling when the room doubles as a yoga or barre classroom.


The idea behind Blackberry is to breathe deeply and experience fully and the staff is expert at ensuring this is done with the unobtrusive and friendly manner that is signature of well-trained professionals. It’s easy to appreciate that every sense is stimulated at this luxury retreat and to spend 4 to 5 days here is a gift, but even in two, the ambiance is so enveloping that your shoulders are guaranteed to drop inches. Contact me for more specifics on room types and how best to get there.


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Just Back From: Las Vegas

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August 2016

If you can believe it, my recent visit to Las Vegas was indeed, my first. That’s right. Cherry popped. Alas, I wasn’t headed to Sin City for some typical, debaucherous celebration, but rather a week-long Travel Industry conference, Virtuoso Travel Week, set in Vegas’ mid-August swelter. Despite the 100+ degree temps, I strolled down the Strip (more like fought my way through the crowds), toured the various indoor malls (gloriously air-conditioned) and even headed to Vegas’ downtown area to experience its vintage-style glamour at an old-fashioned steak joint for dinner. Although I can confirm what I had always assumed: Vegas ain’t for me, I am happy to report the conference was a huge hit and I was able to meet some wonderful colleagues and travel industry leaders.


So, for all of you who trust me for my first-person opinions and personalized trip-planning skills on where to go next, I’m excited to impress you further having now acquired a broader arsenal of the industry’s top properties and providers. Oh, and if you want tips of Vegas…well, I’ll defer you to my travel writer pal, Mark, who simply loves it (for reasons I am still hard-pressed to understand).

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