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Boutique Overload in Buenos Aires

Southern Hemisphere


Palermo Neighborhood
Buenos Aires, Argentina

A guest room at Legado Mitico

A guest room at Legado Mitico

It seems you can’t walk a block in the Palermo neighborhood, BA’s district of cool and happening, without tripping over a boutique hotel. Each one offering a similar brand of intimacy, charm and entré into the city’s most cosmopolitan areas. However, with so much of one type of product how does one choose? Honestly? Ask a professional. Having just spent an entire week combing the streets, trying desperately not to consult my iPhone map every few minutes for fear of the city’s renowned motor scooter thieves, I can truly Tramadol Online say that one needs a proper canvassing in order to distinguish between the many similar offerings.

The garden at L'hotel Palermo

The garden at L’hotel Palermo

Look for my list of Favorites for Hotel picks. I will highlight a few of the standout properties that I toured and help make sense of the intoxicating jumble. The good news, though, is that the city is thriving – so much more than when I lived there  in 2000 and despite recent political turmoil. The streets are buzzing, cafes are full and the clothing boutiques are plenty. Plus, summer is approaching, so why not go see for yourself.


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Viva Argentina

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She’s baaaaack. Yup. After 12 years I finally return to the lovely Argentina. Much has changed since I studied abroad in Buenos Aires – so much so I have yet to lock on something truly familiar. Of course, I, too, have changed. No longer a twenty-year old student eager to prove my hardiness and passion for the hispanohablante world, I now travel with my family, including my 2-year old son. Instead of hunting out the perfect café or bar, I am on the lookout for playgrounds and grassy stretches. Fortunately the city is forthcoming on both searches, and even better, in the case of Palermo Soho, right alongside one another.

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