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Dear Faithful Readers,

Austin-Lehman Kayaking Trip

Austin-Lehman Kayaking Trip

For those looking to do ‘something different‘ on their next vacation or who are searching for something that will stick out in their travel log as a truly memorable experience, why not try an Adventure Trip?

After all, those hours logged at the gym should pay off beyond the smaller dress size, right? How about some adrenaline-pumping, grin-inducing fun with your loved one, best friend or parent in an amazing locale guaranteed to produce some screen-saver-worthy photos?

Normally I would never advocate entering a contest. I haven’t since I spent years being disheartened by Publisher’s Clearing House. However, this contest seems different. First and foremost, you are required to do nothing but submit your email and my blog. Just think about how many times you’ve plugged in your email without thinking.

Plus, if you win, I win. And then we’re all winners.


Here’s how it works:

My lovely blog has been asked to promote a sweepstakes contest for the award-winning, Adventure tour operator, is that the $5000 is applied only to the trip’s land costs, thus excluding airfare.

But, heck, that’s why mileage credit cards were invented. So, yes, you can win a credit on ANY trip to ANYWHERE they offer. I advise you to click on the link above and check out the many trip locations because they have trips EVERYWHERE. From Greece to Chile to Montana to Holland to Costa Rica, these adventure itineraries range from the presumed tour activities like biking and hiking to the more curated like horseback riding and gourmet dining. The list is both impressive and tantalizing.

The best part is when you enter and put down this blog “wherenextwithmeg” as your point of origin and you become the lucky winner (drawn at random) then I too get a free trip for two. WOOOPIE!

Greece | Athens & The Cyclades Islands

So, whether we’re pals or not, I highly suggest you enter the contest, since, well, what on earth is there to lose? Plus, if you win, which means, then I win, I’ll happily be your pal forever.

Click here to enter

Washington | San Juan Islands

Here are a few sample trips and locations to entice you into entering (Click on links).

Italy bike tours
Guests on our Italy Bike Tours
Family adventures

Grand Canyon


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