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Shanghai’s Famed Fabric Market (The Fantasy)

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HOLY MOLY! The FABRIC MARKET in Shanghai, located now at 399 Lu Jia Bang road, is one of the most alluringly dangerous places I have ever set foot in abroad.  It’s Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for fashion-lovers and I unabashedly embodied every single one of those bratty children characters throughout my three-hour stint. Oh yes, one needs multiple hours in this fun factory, unless of course, you are well-guided by a trustworthy source. Otherwise, do NOT fall prey to the first booth you see, or the supposed cashmere you are prompted to feel — the true gems are well-hidden.



Of course, being a novice, I was instantly mesmerized by the row of booths showcasing custom and classic designs of jackets, suits, dresses, drawn to the promise of cheap, tailor made clothing. I mean, it’s where J.Crew and Michael Kors get their clothes made after all.  Surely I can then custom order jackets and dresses in expensive fabrics like Cashmere for well under $300 a piece.  Or so I thought. Again, this is where the guide should take your hand firmly and insist you follow him or her to the well-vetted booths only. As a more savvy Asian shopper very well knows, there’s way more to it than first meets the eye.

A rainbow of cashmere options - the snozberry wallpaper equivalent

A rainbow of cashmere options – the snozberry wallpaper equivalent

As I hemmed and hawed my way through the booths, I slowly learned to haggle with the myriads of “I make a good price for you, Lady” vendors and felt like a kingpin as I plucked the rolls of fabric from the wall and drew my designs on the seamstress’ design-pad.  I nodded yes to their statements of 100% Cashmere though the sample felt a tad different, caught up in the belief that my jacket when it came to my hotel the following day  would be indeed, the 100% quality they assured.  So, I went around to my various chosen booths, I doled out the 100-RB notes for the deposit on the various items (two dresses, a long jacket, a cape and a silk shirt) and left the market feeling like I’d just gotten a steal of a new winter wardrobe.  To be continued…

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JULY 30th

Ehem, High Breakfast is not a term describing the person enjoying the tiered feast of breakfast goodies (though they’d certainly be psyched) but rather a take on England’s tried and true tradition of High Tea adapted to breakfast. Devised by the manager of London’s Haymarket Hotel, High Breakfast (pictured below) is a three-tiered celebration of the first (and most important) meal of the day’s top offerings.

For the 'just a nibble' in us all

For the 'just a nibble' in us all

Don’t worry, I got involved eventually. The little parfaits with homemade granola were the ideal size – in that they left room for the follow-up croissant.

Oh yes I did

Check out the adorable vintage-style coffee cup. I ordered three over the course of the day.

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