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JULY 30th

Ehem, High Breakfast is not a term describing the person enjoying the tiered feast of breakfast goodies (though they’d certainly be psyched) but rather a take on England’s tried and true tradition of High Tea adapted to breakfast. Devised by the manager of London’s Haymarket Hotel, High Breakfast (pictured below) is a three-tiered celebration of the first (and most important) meal of the day’s top offerings.

For the 'just a nibble' in us all

For the 'just a nibble' in us all

Don’t worry, I got involved eventually. The little parfaits with homemade granola were the ideal size – in that they left room for the follow-up croissant.

Oh yes I did

Check out the adorable vintage-style coffee cup. I ordered three over the course of the day.

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JULY 23rd
Self Portrait over Lake Windermere
Self Portrait over Lake Windermere

Here I am, taking an awkward self-portrait on a solo walk I did in the Lake District around Lake Winderemere. It was absurdly picturesque and the only thing lacking was some company, then again the sheep and cows did kindly step off the path when I approached. When visiting the Lake District, walking is a must. After all its practically England’s national sport.  There are many walks to choose from so it all depends on where you’re staying. I did the one from right outside the gates of the Holbeck Ghyll Country House to Ambleside. It started with a nice ascent and then petered out along the ridge. Nonetheless, I managed to work up a nice sweat (no doubt full of cream teas).

The stone path along the ridge overlooking Lake Windermere
The stone path along the ridge overlooking Lake Windermere

Also be sure to drive through the Kirkstone Pass from Winderemere to Kirkstone whose top height reaches 1,489 feet. The scenery is incredibly dramatic and again, littered with sheep. Wordsworth wrote the following about it:

Most potent when mists veil the sky,
Mists that distort and magnify;
While the coarse rushes, to the sweeping breeze,
Sigh forth their ancient melodies!
William Wordsworth (Kirkstone Pass)

The crazy views of the Kiksomething Pass
The poetic views from the Kirkstone Pass

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JULY 2009


Right now I’m in England working on my third book, ENGLISH HIDEAWAYS, to be published by Rizzoli as the third installment of my growing Hideaways collection.

Charming English Cottages in the Cotswolds

Serioulsy charming English Cottages in the Cotswolds

I’ve enlisted the talent (and go-for-it gusto) of acclaimed photographer Tim Clinch – a Brit who has also vowed to introduce me to all the finest trimmings his native land has to offer: fish n’ chips, a pint of Harveys, a proper curry, pork pies and cornish clotted cream. I promise to update with all sorts of photos of me eating hideously unhealthy things though also various scenic shots that will hopefully tease the idea of England sojourns.  I’m afraid, what I will most certainly not do, is list the names of all the hotels since they’re a closely guarded secret.  After all, I much prefer you buy the book!

A stately English Manor in the New Forest - Croquet anyone?

A stately English Manor in the New Forest - Croquet anyone?

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