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There comes in time, usually monthly, where my mind drifts to the magnificent scenery of Italy. I’ve been fortunate enough to have called the country home on two occasions, though neither stint dampened my ardor to return – rather the opposite, albeit with some added qualitative measures.

Rather than earn a living in Italy – an endeavor I wholeheartedly not recommend, unless your clients are foreigners, like you – I now prefer to find a way to enjoy la bella vita the way it is meant to be enjoyed – sans responsibility. And I am eager to help you do just that, should Italy be calling you helen willetts pokies lately too: please visit my travel consulting business at Friend of a Friend Consulting.


Below are some photos from my first book, Italian Hideaways, that were sent to me recently for an upcoming promotion with my recent addiction: Home Design site, One Kings Lane. And yes, they are the cause of this recent spate of wistfulness.

The path at Castello di Vicarello at dusk

The path at Castello di Vicarello at dusk

Villa Cimbrone's gardens

Villa Cimbrone’s gardens

The silver bed at Villa Mangiacane

The silver bed at Villa Mangiacane

A guest room at Il Falconiere - an Italian Hideaway in Tuscany

A guest room at Il Falconiere – an Italian Hideaway in Tuscany

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Christmas Plug for Italian Hideaways

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What better says giving and Holiday Spirit than a little self-promotion? It’s that time of year again when you think of your loved ones in a most desperate manner as your rack your brain over the perfect gift that screams, “I swear I didn’t just think of this last week”. Well, friends and readers, search no more because nothing says quality thought and personal attention like a highly edited book on Italy featuring 30 exceptional properties and 200 enticing photographs.


515DooVdWHL._SL500_AA240_Click on photo for purchase options at Amazon or better yet, request it from your local bookstore so they’ll make an order and maybe even consider ordering more than 1!

And if you don’t believe me, see what the press said when it debuted:

“…an invaluable guide and the perfect companion for anyone with a discerning eye for the classical beauty of Europe.” ~Bal Harbour

“…embraces the subtle, sensual charm of Italy…these small pleasures that make Nolan’s hideaways so utterly Italian.” ~Interiors Magazine

Book your tickets because Italian Hideaways will inspire you to pack your bags…From the modern to the traditional, urban to remote, each of these locations will appeal to a different type of traveler, but every page is filled with its best-kept secrets.” ~Quest

“Don’t read this book unless you are ready to hop on a plane. This portrait of Italy is simply irresistible.” ~Southern Accents

“Along with evocative photography and detailed descriptions of each tucked-away gem, Nolan provides insight into the personalities of the owners and the history of the buildings–and, of course, which specific room to reserve.” ~Town & Country

And did you know that they translated it into German? Muss es sein? Es muss sein!: “Must it be? It must be!” —Beethoven

click on pic for link to order

In an effort to ramp up your enthusiasm and encourage you to buy a present that you can also boast has some connection to your intrepid online research skills (aka random blog reading) or your personal connection to me, I’m going to post some extra shots and early material for a behind-the-scenes (like extras on a DVD menu) peak into the book.

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