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Traveling with a Tiny – Overnight Flight

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Early October



Terminal 4

Terminal 4

Luckily, we elected to take the overnight flight from JFK to AMS departing at 10pm and arriving at a civilized 8am. This meant that our son slept the entire way (he’s his mother’s son and loves to sleep and, as we recently discovered, also has his father’s fortune of being able to sleep anywhere).  Unluckily, leaving JFK at 10pm means you are grouped in with all those flights going to Asian and the Middle East meaning long security lines, departing from that propecia review dreadful Terminal 4 with their absurd lounge rules (No Amex Platinums allowed – don’t even try it – they’ll humiliate you just because they can), self-luggage drop-off (I mean what do check-in agents even do anymore?) and a food court with minimal options open after 8pm.  (I just found out that Schipol, the Amsterdam airport, actually owns Terminal 4…hmm, Dutch management. Things are shockingly less surprising to me now.)

BUT, back to the positive, leaving at 10pm means the flying hours comply quite well with the tiny’s sleeping schedule, making it the right flight to choose (just eat dinner beforehand).

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