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Nantucket Fall

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Once again I find myself spoiled rotten by the beautiful scenery of Nantucket. It might be because the weather is perfect, a bluebird sky day, or that I’m up here solo and had the first uninterrupted night’s sleep with the bed chair pillow in a long time. Nevertheless, I am so happy to have enjoyed a gorgeous morning walk through Tupancy Links, Nantucket’s first-ever golf course, and now a beloved dog walk area, followed by the hilly pond route at Sanford Farm. It never ceases to amaze me how spectacularly scenic Nantucket truly is and how its topography can conjure up comparisons to places so far from this tiny New England island 22 miles out to sea. There are parts of it that resemble African plains (I kid you, not) while other landscapes could easily be mistaken for Northern England.  I find Fall to be a particularly alluring time out here on the Rock, and not only because it’s often less congested than the summer (though not this weekend with The Nantucket Project and 10 weddings!) but also, because the colors of the land seem that much richer, the sky that much more brilliant and the days that much more nourishing. I encourage you all to consider a Fall weekend up on Nantucket for some delightful R&R and soul-enriching natural vistas.

*And look no further on where to stay than my review on the latest boutique hotel to hit the scene up here: 76 Main in FOF Favorites.



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